Maciej Talaga’s Bio

Wróć do głównej


  • Krav Maga (Maor): 2007 through 2009
  • Longsword under Bart Walczak: 2007 through 2009
  • Longsword self-taught and influenced by various Polish instructors: since 2009
  • Langes Messer under Paweł Białasiewicz: 2011 through 2012
  • Olympic Epee under Piotr Sadowy and Łukasz Majewski: 2012 through 2016
  • Biady, i.e. Polish folk wrestling, self-taught and under Wacław Niziński: since 2017



  • Beginner’s and Advanced Longsword classes at the Warsaw Study Group of ARMA-PL: 2009 through 2014
  • Tactical Classes and Individual Lessons at ARMA-PL Warsaw: since 2015
  • Assistant Trainer of the Polish National Team for the IFHEMA Cup in Hungary: 2014 through 2015
  • Numerous fencing workshops & lectures at Polish national events: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
  • Workshops abroad: 2011 (Swordfish, Gothenburg), 2016 (HEMAC Florentia, Florence; AEEA event, Toledo; Seminar at the Sala d’Arme dell’Appeso), 2017 (Swordfish, Gothenburg)
  • Methodological research workshops for Polish HEMA scholars: 2015, 2016, 2017



  • „The Nuremberg Codex” (GNM 3227a), unpublished: since 2009
  • Bioarchaeology of historical fencing, published in Polish: 2010
  • Documentation and interpretation of a medieval sword/estoc for armoured combat held in the Wawel Castle, Kraków, Poland, published in English and Polish: 2011 through 2013
  • Documenting a dying tradition of Biady, Polish folk wrestling, unpublished: since 2017
  • Papers on the methodology of HEMA reconstruction, published in English: 2018 (forthcoming)





  • Jakub Wrzalik: gold medal at W3 – Warsaw Combat Workshops (2017), bronze medal at Nordfecht (2016), bronze individually and gold in team at the IFHEMA Cup in Hungary (2015)
  • Maciej Zając: gold individually and in team at the IFHEMA Cup in Hungary (2015), gold & silver medals in Poland (2011, 2012, 2013), bronze medal at Swordfish Sword&Buckler (2011)
  • Krzysztof Markowski: silver medals at a national junior longsword and sabre tournament, Go-now Cup in Czersk (2017)
  • Jan Zwierzchowski: silver medal at a national junior longsword tournament, Go-now Championship in Łódź (2016)